We'll be hearing a lot more about that chainsaw man because Tatsuki Fujimoto's is currently one of the most popular and most followed manga. However, the author has not yet revealed all the background information about his characters, not even biographical information such as their height.

Every seventh, the new chapter of Chainsaw Man is talked about, thanks to a plot that progresses slowly, giving the protagonists the right space to stand out with their characterization. However, we do not know the exact size of the main characters of the story, including Denji himself, which was only recently revealed during the fair organized by MAP study for the anime and the follow below:

  • Denji, 173 cm (180 cm when transforming);
  • Makima, 168 cm;
  • performance, 170 cm;
  • Aki, 182 cm;
  • Himeno, 175cm;
  • angel, 155 cm (165 if we also take into account the halo);
  • Kobeni, 155 cm;
  • beam, 165 cm;
  • Kishiba, 194 cm;

Before we say goodbye, we take the opportunity to point you to this particular fan art depicting Denji in the style of Naruto and many other anime. And you, on the other hand, knew the height of the main characters of Chaisaw Man? As usual, let us know with a comment in the box below, but not before taking a look at this detail that may have gone unnoticed.

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