That was very clear from the start Chainsaw Man wasn't going to be an easily digestible anime for fans who have become accustomed to the different characters. Without Pochita's intervention, the protagonist Denji would have already died in the first episode. Not even two months later, there was the anime's first outstanding death.

In Chainsaw Man 1x08, two enemies appeared that disturbed the quiet life of the protagonists. Denji and the others had recovered from the fight with the Devil Eternity, but were immediately thrown into the fight due to an attack by a group of as-yet-unidentified villains. And it was above all a character who landed right in the middle.

She was there in the fight against the two new devils Himeno is said to have the worst. Akis Senpai, who seemed so eager to conquer him, unleashed her devil's power, but it wasn't enough to stay alive. So nothing was left of her but the bandage, some of her clothes and a little bit of blood, which left Aki amazed. Not only that, even Chainsaw Man fans were stunned.

There was a flood of tweets on Twitter for the Himeno's death, with so many crying faces and incredulous looks. And how did you take his death? And yet another character doesn't seem to be in good shape, but more will be known in Chainsaw Man 1x09.

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