We discovered the new design of Harley Quinn in Batman, now we report the official synopsis and the covers of the next issues of the works dedicated to dark Knight and the new DC comics event entitled Joker War.

At the bottom of the news you will find the cover designed by Francesco Mattina of Batman # 101, work set after the conclusion of the Joker War. As you can see we will witness the return of Grifter, who according to what is revealed in the official synopsis of the issue will collaborate with Lucius Fox. Here is the plot of issue 100, available starting October 6th: "It will be the number that will conclude the Joker War, in which we will see the challenge with no holds barred between Batman and Joker. The showdown between the two has been expected for 80 years and this event that will change the life of Batman and also that of all the inhabitants of Gotham City".

We also point out the official synopsis of the next issue of Batman, which will be published on October 20: "It is the dawn of a new day in Gotham City and only now the terrible consequences of the Joker War are beginning to become apparent. How did Joker's actions affect the lives of the citizens of Gotham? What will be the legacy of the Joker figure and how will Batman change? Why does Cole Cash, also known as Grifter, work for Lucius Fox?".

If you have not read it yet, we close the news with our guide to the next Batman releases.

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