Chainsaw Man Episode 5 just came out on Crunchyroll, and after introductions by the main cast, the series reaches a turning point with the first group mission. After the sensual moment of friendship that inspired a power action figure in the bathroom, Denji feels empty and unsatisfied.

All that Denji He wished to live a good life, eat good food, and most importantly, satisfy some of his deepest impulses. The chainsaw boy was able to fulfill his dreams during the course of the first events of the series. But the moment of intimacy with Power led him into an existential crisis. Depressed by a feeling of emptiness, he decides to confide in Makima, who inspires him to a new important goal.

In Chainsaw Man, during a very tense scene (visible at top of page), Makima violently shakes Denji's senses, which helps him understand the difference between a purely physical romantic relationship and a rapturous love affair. The girl promises that if he manages to defeat the strongest monster of all time, the Devil Gun, she will grant his every wish.

Denji loses his mind more than ever for the charming Makima and, despite the extreme danger his next opponent, he embarks on another mission. The ending of Chainsaw Man 1x05 features a tempestuous sequence of visual games that give us an idea of ​​how much trouble the Devil Gun will cause the team. What do you think of the way Makima got Denji to accept such a risky mission?

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