For months there has been talk of the possibility of Ash no longer starring and the recent episodes of Pokemon: Explorations seem to suggest that the young and talented coach could retire after the World Coronation Series. Despite these assumptions, fans have worried about the titles of the next dates.

The confirmation regarding A date for the end of the anime has not yet been announced, and however plausible an ending tied to the fight between Ash and Dandel in the competition was plausible, the writers seem to have preferred to delve into other unresolved issues. The title of episode 133, "Project Mew," scheduled for November 25, 2022, suggests it Goh's return as a co-starand his journey alongside Gary Oak to find the first generation Mythical Pokemon.

However, what caused concern in the community were the titles of the next two episodes, namely "The future I aspire to"For episode 134, which is scheduled for release on December 2nd, and "Pokémon! Nice to meet you“For episode 135 on December 9th. These are words that leave little room for a hypothetical return and that almost seem to anticipate a farewell, although it's not clear if Ash or some other character is being referred to.

Finally we leave you our special dedicated to Ash's rise in the World Coronation Series.

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