Four years after it debuted on Netflix, the series Castlevania ended and closed the story of Trevor Belmont, Sypha and Alucard, which developed not only from a narrative but also from a technical point of view. Powerhouse Animation's progress has been impressive, especially for some of the battle scenes.

After the introduction in the third season as a powerful vampire warrior, Striga had the perfect opportunity to prove his worth in the third episode of the fourth during a breathtaking scene that the Powerhouse Animation team wanted to show fans of the series the video that you can find in the post reported below.

These are some sequences that were made in production, which also shows up in some frenetic transitions the development from the first key animation to the final result we saw that in the episode mentioned above. In the message associated with the video are all those who contributed to the production of hands down one of the most intense and brutal scenes of the fourth season. Let us know your thoughts on this behind-the-scenes special with a comment below.

Recall that Alucard got a great statue from a fan, and we'll leave our recap of the fourth season of Castlevania.

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