Holly and Benji, two names that have stuck in the minds of many fans from all over the world since the 80's when they debuted in Japan and other countries. there The Story of Captain Tsubasa It started right in the Land of the Rising Sun but then led the protagonists to confront the other important global realities.

Over the years, author Yoichi Takahashi has moved away from Weekly Shonen Jump and continues to produce Captain Tsubasa manga in other magazines. So the captain of the Nankatsu grew up, moving first to Brazil and then to Europe to compete with the strongest in the world. Up to this point, with the exception of the Memories Side Story spin-off, the manga has been ongoing Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun. However, the latest version brought a notable change and an important announcement.

Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun ends. The final chapter of the story was published in issue 15 of Captain Tsubasa Magazine, dedicated exclusively to the manga. Obviously, however, that doesn't mean the story is over, or at least for now. Indeed, on April 4th, in number 16 of the special magazine, will debut Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun The Final and will be the final arc of Captain Tsubasa.

So, after a career of around forty years, Tsubasa is about to hit the moment when he will put his boots on. the Holly and Benji's manga may end within a few years, depending on the author's intentions, and who knows if this will not lead to other projects, even animated ones, in the world of this footballer who has traveled the earth.

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