The companies crispy roll, Wow Y Sony images announced that the novels were written by Tow off Ubukata, Goodbye EarthThey will have an anime adaptation. While the companies didn't reveal a planned premiere date, they did say that the anime will air on the subscription channel. Wowand in crispy roll global.

It should be noted that no production details were revealed in the statement either, so there is no information about the studio or the director responsible for the project.

Goodbye Earth

Ubukata published the original novel in two volumes in December 2000, with illustrations by the artist. Yoshitaka Amano. The work was reissued in four volumes between 2007 and 2008, but with illustrations by Hyung Tae Kim. Ryu Asahi launched a manga adaptation of the novels in the magazine Young Our King from Shönengahosha in January 2020 and ended it in July 2022.

Synopsis for Bye Earth

The novel's story takes place on an earth where all humans take the form of animals. Bell is the only girl in the world without the characteristics of animals. She sets off to find out if there are other beings like her. Bell wields a sword and becomes involved in the battles between the cities and the outside world.

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