Burn the witch has finally made its debut on MangaPlus after months and months of waiting. In fact, you'll remember the online broadcast where Shueisha announced a miniseries written and drawn by Tite Kubo, as well as an animated feature film from the Colorido studio that will be released on Crunchyroll in the coming months.

In the first chapter of Burn the Witch we have made the acquaintance of Ninny, Noel and especially Balgo again. The boy who became a Dragonclad is apparently in danger from his condition, and the Top Horns of the Reverse London Magic Division are preparing something to eliminate him.

After the black dragon incident closes, we learn about Ninny's band and another member, Macy, who left the group. But something dark seems to lurk in the shadows, while on television the gossip speaks ill of the witch. In the meantime, Kubo introduces us to the world of Reverse London, where white kites are used in everyday life.

Even though it's Saturday, the two witches in Burn the Witch are tasked with finding a dragon in the western part of Reverse London, and on orders from above, Balgo has to go with them. Near the location, an explosion in the distance suggests that the Realist Company building has been attacked. Arrived on the spot, Ninny discovers that Macy was behind this explosionwho wants to destroy the building in order to destroy the building in real London as well as each building is connected to the other London counterpart.

While Noel steps in to save the day, an attack on the top of the building hits Ninny, who flew over his kite. Bruno Bangnyfe is behind the excitement, the head of the body of the magic circle. Burn the Witch will return to MangaPlus next week with Chapter 3.

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