Studio PA Works has made a name for itself on the Japanese scene with several very popular titles such as Nagi no Asukara or Angel Beats. The company's original souls are also particularly successful, one of which is expected to debut unreleased in January 2023: buddy dads.

The Spy x Family phenomenon seems to be inspiring new productions in the wake of the spy genre. And Baddy Daddies therefore appears to be part of that category, as the first image released by the studio, the same one attached at the bottom of the news, gives a glimpse of what appears to be a bizarre family of undercover action.

The people in charge of the project seem particularly interesting as they will be checking out the director Fate / Apocrypha, Yoshiyuki Asai. Anyway, the rest of the staff can find out for themselves thanks to the list you always find at the bottom of the page. The debut of the new original anime is expected in January 2023 and no other details such as the total number of episodes have been announced at this time.

We take this opportunity to remind you before we say goodbye PA works is currently playing this season with Akiba Maid War in co-production with Cygames. And you're interested in this spy series instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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