In the list of the strongest genin of the new generation of Boruto, the name certainly cannot be missing Sarada Uchiha. As the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, she has the potential to become a future Hokage due to her unusual intellect, strength, and skill with ninjutsu. Unfortunately, she underestimates the work.

In Boruto, Sarada has the potential to surpass her father Sasuke. Despite her very young age, the girl can actually already rely on them three-volume Sharingan (though only in the manga), on his mother's powerful physical strength and knowledge of the medical arts.

Sarada dreams of becoming Hokage, and has all the skills to make that wish come true. In the future, if she manages to evolve her Sharingan and use it to gain skills like Susanoo or Amaterasu and learn the Byakugo inherited from Sakura and Tsunade, the way would be smooth for her.

As the daughter of Sasuke and Sarada, she could become one of the strongest ninjas of all time, but for now, both the anime and the manga are over Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is wasting its potential. While she is busy in the Studio Pierrot adaptation with a series of original episodes that highlight her leadership skills, she has been completely neglected in the manga for some time. As if that wasn't enough, in Chapter 78 she intervenes in defense of Boruto, instead it is she who is protected from Kawaki's attack. The last time he stood out was during the fight with Boro: too little for a character of his size.

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