Eren Jaeger has been accompanied since the first moments of The attack of the Giants by a girl, Mikasa Ackerman. This is practically an adoptive sister, after the boy saved her from a handful of brigands who had already killed her parents. However, it is obvious that Mikasa Ackerman has deeper feelings for the protagonist.

But simultaneously, Mikasa Ackerman she is also a strong and capable soldier and among the best of all those presented in The Attack of the Giants. All this pairs with an oriental beauty that attracts the interest of other guys like Jean Kirchstein. In addition to being Eren's shoulder and savior, she has proven herself several times capable of helping others as during the siege of the Wall Rose.

Now Mikasa Ackerman shows her strength even in a cosplay made by the beautiful Mk_Ays. A few months ago the girl had dedicated herself to an angelic Black Clover cosplay, and her beauty can also be expressed in the photos with the Mikasa cosplay which you can see below. Obviously the outfit chosen is that of the Exploration Legion present in The Attack of the Giants. Besides the blurred sword in the foreground, you can see all the details of the clothes, from the beige jacket to the pants and leather finishes. The photo therefore allows a glimpse of a well-made and well-interpreted cosplay by Ays. We should therefore not fear for an attack of giants in reality.

Do you think it better than the sexy Mikasa cosplay made by Ackirane?

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