The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations has finally returned to follow the manga plot, introducing viewers to the new narrative arc, and bringing back some characters who will play a fundamental role over the course of the next few episodes. Among these, Ao, ninja from the land of fog known in Naruto, actually returned.

After being featured in the sequel, recalling his actions during the Fourth Ninja World War, the final episode of Boruto was flagged the actual return of Ao to the series, who turned out to be one of the members and external contacts of the Kara organization and, above all, that his return to Konoha was connected with a specific mission, the murder of Katasuke, if she remembered something from their last meeting.

Before the episode revealed his true intentions, however, Ao starred in a scene in which he only partially exposed his darker side. In episode 182 of the series Boruto and his companions are assigned to escort Katasuke to a laboratory Here the scientist can work on Naruto's new arm prosthesis and during the train ride Team 7 meets Ao for the first time. After a brief discussion in which Boruto expressed his utter dislike of the tools used by the ninja, Ao decides to teach the boy a lessonalbeit with a somewhat exaggerated method.

As you can see in the video below that user @ Abdul_S17 shared on Twitter, Ao quickly points a screwdriver at Boruto's throat, then pulls back and explains It is the user's intentions that may or may not make the tools lethal. The scene ends like it's a joke, but in light of the revelations that follow, Ao intentionally showed the danger of the Kara organization.

Keep in mind that Sarada got a nice cosplay recently and we leave you to the reopening that showed the karma energy.

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