After a long and exciting battle against a treacherous ex-ninja, Team 7 finally learns the ship's identity, the mysterious target that links the Kara organization. We discover its devastating power in the preview of episode 188 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

In the final episodes of the anime, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki had to face it Ninja Science Tools escaped Professor Katasuke's control. The hero of the fourth great ninja war Ao has indeed turned out to be a traitor and has become a technological weapon in the service of the Kara organization.

But when the protagonist of Boruto led him on the path of redemption, a new terrible one Opponent fell into battle. Disappointed with the underdog's behavior, Kashin Koji has got Team 7 into trouble by exploiting his skills, which are apparently linked to a legendary Shinobi from the Land of Fire. However, the main focus is on the ship.

In the preview of episode 188 of the animated series that user Abdul S_17 posted on Twitter, we can see Delta and Jigen discussing Potential of the containerwho alone defeated numerous dolls, the same ones that had previously almost defeated the Ninja of the Leaf. The source of the recipient's strength appears to be a mark on his left hand, the same mark that is present in Boruto.

The episode will air on February 28th. He's going crazy on social media while Boruto 186 waits for him. For fans, it's one of the best episodes in the series.

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