Boruto: The recap and title of episode 165 await the arrival of Hiruga

In the last few episodes of Boruto: Naruto the next generations Team 7, accompanied by Mugino, has embarked on a dangerous mission: to recover the cells of the first Hokage, Hashirama. A very delicate task, which of course provoked the reaction of quite powerful opponents: the twins Yuuga and Hiruga.

There are already several episodes in which the animated implementation of the adventures of young Boruto takes place detached from the narrative events in the mangaand the debut of characters never seen in the print counterpart like Deepa is slowing the adoption of the Kara organization, which we know will play a fundamental role going forward.

Recently, the official website of TV Tokyo was shared the summary of episode 165 of Borutowith the title "The Duty of the Four Twins", which anticipates interesting developments for the ninja and his companions. Below is the translation of what is reported in the post at the bottom of the page. "Although Boruto and his allies managed to get out of the barrier created by Yuuga, they are now being blocked by Hiruga, the second eldest son of the twins. Just like Yuuga, Hiruga tries to fulfill the mission entrusted to him by all means. Because of Hiruga's technique Boruto and his companions were completely immobile. As Boruto tries to break free from tech, he is amazed at the way the twins fight as they don't care about their own lives. He asks what drives her to do so. What will Hiruga Boruto answer? "

Recall that the Team 7 ninja grew into giants thanks to a crossover fanart and we'll leave you to explain the future of the Boruto anime.

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