The latest story arc of the anime by Boruto: Naruto the next generations saw Team 7 emerge sensationally defeated from the fight with Deepa. In order to save his teammates in particular, it was Mitsuki who suffered the most serious injuries. But when it looked like he was about to die, he returned openly.

The young shinobi of the leaf opted for it sacrifice his own body to save his closest friends Boruto and Sarada. When Mitsuki returned to Konoha under very serious conditions, the village doctors declared him irretrievable and handed him over to Orochimaru, the only one who could do something for his godson. But given the criticality of the situation, even Sannin seemed ready to replace the boy with a clone of his. Fortunately, the former villain ninja didn't go that route.

In episode 175 of the anime, Boruto and Sarada are back in front of Deepa. Despite the intense training they have undergone, organization member Kara is still too strong for them. Just when the antagonist was about to deliver fatal blows a mysterious hooded figure stepped in to save the two boys from Team 7. Mitsuki is finally back in action.

However, this scene caused some confusion among the fans; Mitsuki had recovered from the coma, but his organs were not regenerating the way they should have. How did he get up under these conditions? To reveal the truth, Orochimaru was at the request of Konohamaru. According to him, someone sacrificed himself for it revive the boy. That someone seems to be Log who would have volunteered for an organ transplant.

Although this noble gesture only appears for a very short time in the anime, it removes Log from being Orochimaru's mere lackey and rather makes him one Mitsuki's older brother. Meanwhile, Orochimaru returns to threaten Konoha in this Boruto cosplay. The great Jiraya is brought to life by a fan in an exciting clip from Boruto.

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