After some rather controversial saga, the anime was taken from Boruto: Naruto the next generations has finally stepped into action by returning to customize the manga events. In the last few episodes, Team 7 had to face an outside and then an inside of the Kara organization, but the more difficult mission is about to begin.

Boruto episode 188 entitled "Awakening", which is already available to Crunchyroll Premium users, brings Master Konohamaru Sarutobi and his three young genins to the door Class S..

After fighting Ao and Kashin Koji, the Team 7 meets Kawakiand recognized him as the warrior who defeated Kara's android dolls. But when the boy wakes up, his intentions seem far from peaceful.

Apparently, Kawaki's body was modified to become him a living weapon. In fact, all the powers of the scientific ninja instruments created by Doctor Katasuke and Amado have been integrated into it.

Meanwhile, Kashin Koji observes the situation from afar and provokes Delta's anger, who presses Jigen with great impatience to be the one Find the container. Kara's intern is escorted to the construction site by an outsider, a scary man named Garo.

As the episode progresses, it is explained to the audience that Garo and Kawaki are related a dark story. When Kawaki was a child, he was subjected to brutal experimentation and tested against horrific killers like Garo. However, when he tried to torture the boy, the incredible forces of karma exploded his jaw.

While Garo seeks vengeance For what happened in the past, Team 7 helplessly watches the spectacular battle. Kawaki's past is shown in Boruto. Here are Kawaki's incredible skills in battling an outsider Kara.

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