The plot of Boruto: Naruto the next generations it's getting more complex and with Masashi Kishimoto's return to the script, our heroes have their backs to the wall. In any case, waiting for the release of the new chapter of the manga expected shortly, here is a first taste of the new episode.

Some Boruto 59 spoilers were leaked yesterday thanks to the usual insider Organic dinosaur which briefly revealed the content of the chapter entitled "KnightThe new edition does not go much into the protagonists, but rather Amado, Sumire and Kawaki, especially the need to strengthen the latter, since without karma he no longer has sufficient powers to protect the Hokage from affairs that would be easy be killed by code.

codeIt is also one of the two "knights" of " Toto With demon, the younger brother, and both are the trump card of the mysterious girl. While the Kara Organization is reorganizing its ranks in this way, the Konoha Front must now also think about defense, as Sasuke and Naruto are severely weakened. In this regard is that Opening page of chapter 59, the same one that you can admire at the end of the news dedicated, with great fanfare, only to Kawaki.

So we just have to wait until June 20th to see the ramifications of the new episode. In the meantime, tell us what to expect, as usual in the special box reserved for comments at the bottom of the page.

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