Waiting for the release of the new Dragon Ball Super movie, slated for 2022, has some Akira Toriyama fans recently discussed on Twitter and shared their unpopular viewswhich gives rise to some interesting ideas about the quality of the work, the roles of some characters, and some stereotypes typical of the series.

You can take a look at some of the comments below, and as you can see thereand points of criticism were very different. Some have irritated another fan base and said that Dragon Ball Super would be superior to Dragon Ball GTwhile others have spoken about Gohan's role, stating that the decision to make him a responsible family man was absolutely the right one.

Among other things, there is no shortage of commentary on the villains, including those who define Goku Black as the saga's best antagonist and those who believe Cell should have attended the Tournament of Power instead of Freeza. In short, the opinions touch a little on all subjects and of course we want to hear yours.

What's your disliked take on Dragon Ball? Do you think it's a good anime? Let's discuss it in the comments! In the meantime, we greet you with our latest glimpse into one of the most talked about characters in Toriyama's work, Vegeta, and his presumed future as the God of Destruction.

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