Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has finally introduced one of the most important narrative sheets in the whole story, which represents the real enemies of the anime. However, Studio Pierrot plans some minor changes to the manga that will change some aspects of character design.

After more than 150 episodes and a fluctuating narrative, the animation studio responsible for the implementation of the manga has finally started the adaptation of the Kara saga. Indeed, episode # 157 made its debut yesterday, introducing the new undercover anime villains and the organization’s leader. Jigging, which even started with a short dialogue.

However, Boruto also appeared in the teaser trailer for episode 158, which aired on July 26, with a minor change in its design. As you can see in the news on the screen below, The protagonist wears gloves Similar to Kakashi in Naruto Shippuden, probably to hide karma.

A particularly minor change compared to the manga, but it tends to underline Boruto’s character in the face of new developments. So what do you think of this minor change instead? Let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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