Love was a fundamental part of Naruto's narrative. From the start, the spark ignited in Sakura for Sasuke and in Hinata for the protagonist. Also in Borutoone of the main protagonists has just found what life's companion could be.

The Boruto anime series recently blew out five candles. The adaptation is different from the manga, which progresses quickly with the fight with the Kara deepens the new generation through unpublished narrative arcs. The one show currently airing brought viewers back to the Village of Mist.

That new team 7 is in the land of water, now allied with that of fire. However, the stability of the nation is seriously tested by the invasion of the Funato clan, a pirate organization trying to conquer the territory and undermine the hegemony of Mizukage Chojuro.

in the middle of this war metal leeShe, who is on a mission with Team 5, seems to have found love. Rock Lee's shy son has grown close to him HebiichigoKunoichi of the Mist Swordsman team who owns the Sewing Needle sword.

Once opponents, Hebiichigo was won over by Metal Lee's kindness and boldness. While there was nothing romantic between the two, that's clear Both feel mutual respect. The former criminal of the mist sewed the crazy clothes of Metal Lee, who also convinced her not to escape by abandoning her companions.

Perhaps love was born in Boruto's village of mist. However, it should be remembered that this is an "anime only" saga and therefore non-canonical for manga pages.

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