The anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation it's about to stop. The animation studio Pierrot has announced the completion of the first part of the adaptation with episode 293, but promises the return of the series with a second part and some special episodes that will arrive in autumn 2023. Let's take stock.

During the six-year production period, Pierrot's artists have already taken many creative liberties by inserting full episodes, some of which are particularly appreciated by the community, to deepen supporting characters or even Customize events uniquely told in the light novels, like the younger Sasuke Retsuden. However, given the anime's one-episode-per-week production rate, implementation has now reached the manga, whose chapters are released monthly instead, and before returning to follow Boruto's storythe studio will take viewers back to the origins of the series.

Indeed, considering the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime, Pierrot confirmed that the four outgoing episodes from September 2023 They are set years before the sequel. Although there have been no official press releases about it, we can assume that Boruto Part 2 is still in production and that besides the lack of manga material to adapt, Pierrot is primarily dedicated to Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War.

What do you expect from the second part of the Boruto anime? Do you prefer a cour rather than a weekly distribution? Let's discuss it in the comments. Before we say goodbye, we'll let you find out which is the fans' favorite Naruto fight, remembering that Konoha and the Seventh Hokage are in great danger after the twist of Episode 291.

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