Borutos 2022 ended simultaneously with the conclusion of the Maze of Games saga. For New Year's production Pierrot Studio has decided to abandon the original anime story arcs in order to approach the adaptations of the paper works. It starts with Sasuke Retsuden bringing new acronyms.

The Boruto anime opened the adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden with Episode 282. On the Trail of Code, Through a FlashbackUchiha remembers what happened in the land of Redakuwhen he came to this place far away from the ninja lands in search of a cure for Naruto's terminal illness.

InBoruto 282 begins Sasuke Retsuden, new saga of the anime accompanied by the introduction of new opening and closing theme songs. Boruto's new acronyms for the month of January 2023 are the Early 12's were entrusted to the Asian kung fu generation and late 23's were entrusted to humbreaders.

In the film of the new opening theme, references to the adaptation of the Saga of Code in Boruto are given. So let's see for the first time Eida and Daemon in animated version. But who exactly are these two characters? Readers of the manga series already know them very well and how dangerous they are, but it's too early for anime viewers to discover their origins. As for the ending theme, it puts the spotlight on the relationship between Boruto and Kawaki, who are about to have a terrifying showdown during the Code saga.

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