Waiting to find out how the story of the manga continues in the next issue of Boruto, we recommend this fan art inspired by one of the world's novels Spirit of Masashi Kishimoto.

Twitter user @Nanotoart decided to share the message at the end of the news. Here is his comment: "This fan art is inspired by Boruto's fourth novel. Especially when Sarada has a nightmare in which she sees her mother die in a war. Sorry if it's a little dark but I wanted it to look like a dream. The girl who wanted to be hokage". The drawing that shows us Sarada While trying to help his mom, he has received nearly a thousand likes and more than a hundred comments, especially from fans who fear seeing a similar scene in the anime while others recommend reading the different ones Novels in the world of Narutojust to get to know the protagonists of the work better.

Right now, fans fear that the manga will lay the groundwork for the death of a Boruto character. Finally, we point to the resumption of Tankobon versions Of the work written by Ukyo Kodachi and drawn by Mikio Ikemoto, our news is actually the cover of Volume 12 of Boruto.

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