The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations finally made a name for himself by bringing Kara Organization Interiors to the stage. To stop their mysterious plan the Leaf Village needs all the help they can get, and in the next episode we'll see an unexpected return and the debut of a new Inuzuka.

This anticipation was revealed through a promo picture of the new weekly episode of the anime that can be admired the return of Sumire and her Nueas well as the debut of Akita Inuzuka and her ninja dog Chamaru.

According to information posted online, Team 7 will meet the two Kunoichi during a mission that the trio, accompanied by Dr. Katasuke will take to one of the Leaf labs. After graduating from the academy, Sumire had left her team Switch to the Ninja Weapons Science Divisionof which he has become a key member.

The young girl is working closely with Akita Inuzuka, Scientist who heads the department. According to the tradition of her clan, the woman is accompanied by a puppy, Chamaru. What role will these two newcomers play in the fight against Kara? The Seventh Hokage finally realized the worth of Boruto. The Kara organization threat approaches in the latest episode of Boruto.

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