Future State, DC Comics Event of the Year, leads readers to discover the fate of numerous superheroes. In addition to the Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown Future State: The Next Batman # 2 reveals what really happened to Barbara Gordon, the “original” bat woman.

After hard undercover work looking for clues to her predecessor, Stephanie succeeded decrypt a hidden message emerged from the computer network. As soon as Cassandra has revealed the discovered information, the two Batgirls immediately get to work.

The decrypted message reads “The Bat Was Alive” and gives the coordinates. When the duo arrives at prison, they believe they have found Batman’s whereabouts, but not the Batman who is expecting them, but Barbara Gordon. Commissioner Gordon’s daughter was locked up and connected to various machines this appears to be a trap designed by the magistrate.

Future State: The Next Batman # 2 is written by John Ridley, Vita Ayala and Paula Severbergen and is illustrated by Laura Braga Aneke and Emanuela Lupacchino. Announcing a new Batman story starring Tim Fox. DC Comics presents Batman: The Dark Knight, the new work dedicated to the Dark Knight.

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