The arrival of two new guests in Konoha has turned Team 7's life upside down. Boruto and Kawaki were instructed to live with Eida and Daemon to understand if the village can really count on them. However, Chapter 75 of the manga brought up another doubt about the influence of the Karma brand on the protagonist.

If a large part of the chapter focuses on the important revelations of Amado, how the story of Shibai Otsutsukiwhich has become divine thanks to the consumption of many fruits of the chakra and derives from the Shinjutsu, a series of techniques with unparalleled power, attention returned to Boruto's Karma in the concluding tables.

A few chapters ago, the protagonist almost died and was only able to save himself thanks to thedirect intervention by Momoshiki. However, now the Otsutsuki has regained some control over the boy's body and mind, manifesting as a voice in his mind. It might seem like a natural consequence of what happened, but Momoshiki's sudden return shows how much of the latter is the case has regained the control that Boruto had tried to limit with the drugs procured by Amado.

In addition, Otsutsuki hypothesizes that could prove extremely dangerous: Their minds are somehow united. While Momoshiki doesn't know how long this bond will last, it's likely that he will try to use it to his advantage, making it harder for Boruto to maintain control of his body. What do you expect from Momoshiki in the future of the series? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we leave you with the hypotheses related to chapter 76 of Boruto's Arrival December 20, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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