A few hours after the announcement of the first set of Yu-Gi-Oh! of 2023, Maze of Memories, today we discover another product of the TCG from the manga by Kazuki Takahashi that arrives next year: we talk about the Box Speed ​​Duel GX: Shadow Duelistsperfect for newcomers to the trading card game.

The new Speed ​​Duel box picks up the anime storyline where it left off with the Speed ​​Duel GX: Paradox Exams set, which brings the popular Elemental Hero and Vehicroid archetypes to the Speed ​​Duel format introduced. Shadow Duelists see i Shadow Knights descend on Duel Academymerger with the villains of the animated series in an attempt to free the Sacred Beasts.

The sentence will consisting of eight prefabricated decks overall, as well as a selection of other maps to modify them. For now, however, we're only aware of five of those eight decks, among which stands out the Supreme King's "Evil Hero" deck, a mysterious duelist that uses Dark Fusion rather than Polymerization to Summon powerful Fusion Monsters.

Among the other decks we find that of Camula the Vampire, obviously based on the "vampire" archetype, which allows monsters sent to the graveyard to return to the field and "suck" Life Points from the opponent and that Titan Chess Archfiend DeckShadow duelist who later became the sixth Shadow Knight.

They complete the card offering of the new Speed ​​Duel set Tania's Amazoness deck the Amazon Warrior and Amnael the Alchemist's deck, centered around the Golden Homunculus. However, three more decks will be revealed in the future, which are still unknown for now.

Each box consists of one 228 cards in totaldivided into 200 common cards, 20 skill cards and 8 secret rare cards: the Swimming pool of Secret Rares has 24 cards in total, so you'll need to buy multiple Speed ​​Duel boxes to complete the collection. However, of these 8 Secret Rares, three will be set for each box as they will be the Three Sacred Beasts Uriah, Hamon and Raviel.

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