The plans made by Boruto in the final chapters were blessed when Kawaki, now the victim of an unstoppable need for sacrifice, decides to do it all by himself and Konoha. leavingthrowing himself into the lion's den, with no guarantee of salvation. Only Boruto's intervention at the end of Chapter 62 avoids the worst, at least for now.

The protagonist prevents Kawaki from getting carried away by code and prepares the ground for an important battle between the contenders in the final battle of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. the Spoiler from Chapter 63 of Boruto tell us what's gonna happen now

"No need to discuss" is the title of the chapter, which begins, as usual, with a color page, which is where it is this time Boruto with Rasengan The protagonist. Code reconnects with Ada, who warns him of what is happening and how Konoha's ninja managed to spot Kawaki. Meanwhile, this and his friend begin to quarrel since Kawaki insists on letting code take you away In order to protect the Hokage, he also underlines how he must encounter this mysterious person and therefore not have to risk his life.

However, Boruto does not accept it and despite attempts to code, Kawaki is not teleported away for the time being. The speech arouses various feelings in Ada, who watches everything at her base while Daemon sleeps in his arms. Code therefore decides to put Boruto, whom he worships as a guest of an Otsutsuki, to the test, forcing him to pull out his karma. The blonde ninja tries different techniques, but code seems too strong.

Boruto 63 ends with the protagonist who brings out the full power of his karma but without transforming into momoshiki as before. Code is happy with what it sees and looks ready for Round 2.

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