The announcement of the anime by Jojo's bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean has raised high expectations and as expectations rise for David Production's latest production, Jolyne Cujo's voice actress Ai Fairouz has publicly revealed her favorite episodes from Part 1, Phantom Blood.

As a big fan of the now thirty-year series by Hirohiko Araki, Fairouz had already discussed the work in the past, analyzed the dispute between the Joestar family and Dio Brando, only to come back recently with their own opinions on the best episodes in a nice way Stone Ocean debut, slated for December on Netflix.

The first revelations concern two episodes of the first section of the long Joestar genealogy, starring Jonathan, and at a time when there was none Stand, replaced by Concentric Waves technology. It was Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's official report to get the news out, with the post reported at the bottom of the page starting a series of tweets devoted to Ai Fairouz's advice.

The voice actress was particularly impressed by the first appearances of Robert EO Speedwagon and Will Antonio Zeppeli in the Episodes 2 and 4 of the first season. These are fundamental characters for the narrative implications of Jonathan's story, without whom he could not even have faced the threat posed by Dio Brando. In addition, in his opinion, there is also a great deal of interest in Concentric Waves and their power against vampires.

Do you agree with what Fairouz said? Let us know with a comment. Finally, we leave you to a unique crossover between Jojo and the Matrix, and we remind you that Jolyne was honored with a beautiful cosplay.

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