Since the beginning of the work, Boruto He has shown that he can master his father's most formidable techniques like body multiplication or Rasengan. In chapter 58 of the manga, however, the young protagonist showed the jutsu that made his father Naruto an icon. Let's find out which ones!

In an attempt to stop them Conversion to OtsutsukiBoruto took a dangerous drug from Amado that in theory should slow the process down. After his teammates were informed of his decision, Kawaki complained about his choice, stating that the only way to get rid of the karma was to pass it on to code.

After a pretty sharp exchange of views, Kawaki did suggested sparringWhoever won the simulated battle would determine the future movements of the group. The duel ended in Team 7's favor when Boruto faced a one-on-one challenge with Kawaki.

However, at the end of the fight, when Boruto sensed his friend's thoughts, he used one of the most iconic techniques of the Seventh Hokage. the conversation no jutsu. ""Don't carry everything on you. Lean more on us, we are your friends. You may feel responsible for Kara targeting Konoha and Dad, but that's not really the case. In any case, we cannot let the wicked do what they want".

Kawaki listens to Boruto's words and trusts them. He decides to become the fourth member of Team 7. The young protagonist inherited Talk no Jutsu and showed that this is a technique a dowry from the Uzumaki family. Here is chapter 58 of Boruto in the new video from V-Jump.

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