In May, the anime Pokémon Explorations Masters began, the twenty-fourth season of Pokémon and the sequel to the Exploration Vein that is out there once again Ash and Go protagonists. The boy then continues to travel in the company of his Pikachu and works hard to beat other coaches and sports directors.

But Ash often meets other historical Pokémon characters. The villains of Team Rocket or the trio of Jessie, James and Meowth are always there; the same goes for two other figures, this time considered allies Sister Joy and Policewoman Jenny. The first with her pink hair and white uniform is always ready at the Pokémon Centers to treat any wounded, but the second with her hair and blue uniform is ready to ride her motorcycle to catch the bad guys.

Always Brock's love interests - like pretty much all the girls he has appeared in Pokémon - both show up in real life thanks to the great work of Pugoffka Sama and Hibari Rin. The two girls presented a Double cosplay with sister Joy and policewoman Jenny, available in the photo below. Both are ready with the Poké Ball in hand and are busy with their roles.

CarmenPilar also presented her Jenny in a cosplay, ready to catch the bad guys.

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