The secret of the Karma brand is one of the most interesting and central elements of the series Borutoand although there have been very important revelations in the course of the chapters, it is not clear what effect this backup system used by the Otsutsuki could have on the organism chosen as the host.

Naruto was deeply concerned about his son's condition and asked for help from Amado, who gave him some after a meaningful conversation with the Hokage Medicines that may slow down the transformation process exposed to, but possibly able to kill Boruto's body.

On the first pages of chapter 58, Naruto discusses this with his son and is shocked when the protagonist swallowed one of the tablets easily without thinking about the possible consequences. The Hokage is shocked by the timeliness of his sonwho, however, declares that he is now prepared for the worst and for all the changes that await him in relation to karma, and that he has already accepted all of these. Naruto, exempted from the absence of any negative effects of the drugs, does not fuel the discussion, but seems to remain thoughtful and especially impressed with the words of Boruto.

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