Sword Art Online: Alicization - The Underworld War returned after months of waiting and immediately got into controversy over a certain scene shown in episode 13. In fact, in the episode in question, the guys from A-1 pictures changed the events of Reki Kawahara Create an unedited scene.

The episode shows the arrival of Leafa - the virtual character that Kirito's sister uses - in the underworld. After the girl appears on the battlefield, she meets the orc Rilpirin and agrees to be taken prisoner in the presence of Emperor Vecta.

Rilpirin is surprised by the friendliness of the girl, but a few moments later the sorceress captures her Dee Eye Ellwho decides to take it away from the ogre and take up his life energy. In the immediately following scene, the villain uses tentacles to extract the energy from the girl's body in a violent and decidedly explicit way. As Kirito's minor sister, many fans criticized the studio's decision to resort to a similar gimmick. We remind you that the torture scene is present in the author's novels, but is in no way sexualized.

And what do you think about it? Do you agree with the criticism? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! If you haven't already done so, we recommend you check out the latest Sword Art Online trailer: Alicization - War of Underworld.

SAO has a problem with sexual assaults (spoilers) by r / anime

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