Recently landed on Mangaplus, the new chapter of Boruto: Naruto the next generations sees how Naruto takes a difficult position, going against anything and everything when it is necessary to defend his village.

In Chapter 57 of Boruto, the Hokage holds a videoconference with the other four Kage to brief them on what happened during the battle with Isshiki Otsutsuki and to warn them of a new impending danger, the Rise of the Code. Apparently, Naruto is forced to reveal what happened to Sasuke, who lost his Rinnegan to one as well Momoshiki's surprise attackwho managed to take possession of Boruto's body through karma.

At this point, only Gaara, one of Naruto's greatest friends, manages to ask him an important question. If Boruto lost control again in favor of Momoshiki, the Hokage would be ready to fight him and eventually to kill him?

Naruto is convinced of his words and says: "I will do what has to be done. Like Hokage". But the Seventh Hokage will really find the strength of collide with his sonalthough possessed by an otsutsuki?

However, it remains a sensitive question. Is Naruto still able to face an Otsutsuki? In the course of the final battle the Hokage lost, maybe forever, the power of Kurama. When Momoshiki emerged from Boruto's body, he was able to hold his own against Naruto, Sasuke and Kawaki. If it shows up again, it could be the end for Konoha this time around. We discover the power of Eida in chapter 57 of Boruto.

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