Chapter 71 of Not only was he full of dialogues, explanations and details that were very relevant to Konoha's current situation and future narrative developments, but he also introduced a new character, a member of the Kara organization, the attractive and powerful Eida, who immediately took over the world.

As shown in the final table of the previous chapter, Eida is awakened by codeLooking for answers on how to power her white karma brand, decides to detonate the capsule the girl was hibernating in directly. We learn right away that Eida is extremely powerful and her attitude as well as her skills immediately caught the attention of many readers.

As you can see from the various posts shown below, Eida's debut surprised the community, which, like almost the same code in the manga, was conquered and immediately fell victim to one of its many skills, namely steal the heart of anyone who comes in contact with her, excluding his family and the Otsutsuki. Many fans joked that Eida immediately took Delta's place as Kara's best female member, others did Hypothesis that he has a certain eye art, given the unique shape of its pupils and irises. And what do you think of Eldia? Were you impressed with his manga debut? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that the cover of Volume 14 was revealed by Boruto, and we leave you to Naruto's heartbreaking decision to defend Konoha.

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