Boruto's anime is about to inaugurate the code sheet. After more than a year, the Studio Pierrot series will therefore return to adapt the events that take place in theWork by Kishimoto and Ikemoto. But what will happen throughout this new saga?

While awaiting the release of Boruto 287, an episode that will begin the aforementioned narrative arc picking up on the manga, the progress for the next three episodes of the anime has surfaced on the web. here you are what will happen in episodes 288 to 290 of Boruto.

From February 19th Boruto 288 it will be entitled "Captive Slaves". To become stronger and understand the power of Code, Boruto decides to train with Kawaki, Sarada, and Mitsuki. However, as always, Kawaki will prove impatient and end up arguing with Boruto. Meanwhile, Code manages to infiltrate one of Boros secret facilities in search of his knowledge. tails will awaken Eida, another of Amado's constructions that has two special abilities.

February 26 is coming Boruto 289, "Skills". no longer in possession of karma, Kawaki has lost his powers. He therefore fears that he will no longer be able to protect the Hokage and Konoha. Amado seems to be able to read her feelings and starts a provocation. Sumire, who is there with them, has suspicions about Amado. Code, meanwhile, allies with Eida, who, however, asks to wake up someone else.

Boruto 290 "Signs" will be released on March 5th. Boruto and Kawaki's lives are in danger and Code threatens them, so the two boys are being monitored. However, Kawaki is fed up with the situation and decides to act on his own to protect Naruto. Kawaki begins his escapewhich is only noticed by Boruto.

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