Sasuke Retsuden's adaptation will end in Boruto 286, leaving room for a new saga in the next installment. Studio Pierrot's anime series will return to recreate the events that followed Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto in the manga. L'Code's story arc is about to begin.

Surprisingly, after the original anime saga of Maze of Games ending anime year 2022, Boruto adapted the light novel Sasuke Retsuden through some kind of flashback that the Uchiha experienced. The final of the five parts that make up this mini story arc will be simulcast on February 5th on Crunchyroll. After that, the anime will move on to a new saga that will eventually come from the manga series.

On February 12 in Boruto Episode 287, the Saga of Code begins and on a promotional page that appears in Weekly Shonen Jump Summary of the episode titled "Claw Marks". The teaser for the first date of this arc reads: "The Avenger Attacks! The brothers face a new threat. The remains of Kara are on their way.”

The preview of the magazine then offers a code insight, one of the inner members of the Kara organization. As the possessor of White Karma, he is a follower of the Ootsutsuki and has inherited Isshiki's will.

Tails, who worships Isshiki Ootsutsuki, will take a crucial step to continue his master's legacy. Meanwhile signs with the Claw mark on tail. Boruto will learn more about Tails from Kawaki. Expectations are high for this Boruto saga, and will you follow this upcoming adventure?

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