Episode 282 of Boruto opened the saga of Sasuke Retsuden, the adaptation of Jun Esaka's novel of the same name. Naruto suffers from an incurable disease that Kakashi and theUchiha embarks on a long journey to the land of the Redaku. In fact, it is said that the secrets of the Hermit of the Six Ways are hidden in this distant land.

Justified Sasuke Retsuden: ConstellationsBoruto 283 begins with the Uchiha who, back in prison after being trampled by some of the structure's guards, discovers that there is a secret chamber within Zansul's rooms that hides something very precious.

dark fell, Sasuke tries again to wander around the astronomical observatory undisturbed. Meno, assigned to guard the structure, identifies them and leads to a new fight. This time, the dinosaur's claws are soaked in poison and Sasuke staggers from the toxic effects. TO Sakura saves his lifethe new doctor of Redaku prison.

When Sasuke wakes up in the infirmary, he discovers that Sakura has arrived to assist him in his mission and to inform him of Kakashi's discovery. Apparently it's possible to locate them Ultra Particle, a substance that cured Rikudou Sennin's illness, through a book called Map of Heaven. there Naruto's illness appears to have been caused by the presence of all the Cecoteri in his body.

After getting the keys to the library by winning a bet, Sakura finally finds the book suggested by Master Kakashi. The text appears to have been written by the Hermit of the Six Paths himself and consists of a series of 12 images depicting the tailed beasts and the Hermit himself. Sakura and Sasuke understand that in order to better understand the book and get more information about the location of the Ultraparticles, it is necessary to delve into the book Secret Room of Zansul.

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