In the last chapters of Black clover Yuki Tabata has officially started the final war that will decide the fate of the kingdom of Clover. Portrayed by Lucius Zogratis, the threat continues to grow, and after the bracket dedicated to Asta's progress, it's the turn of other key Magic Knights, including Yuno.

The opening bars of the series' final story arc showed readers the promotion of Asta and his eternal rival Yuno after a brief time warp. Now Yuno is back on the battlefield, ready for it look directly at Lucius, and decided to do it in the most spectacular way. Ready to unleash a concerted attack by his "angels", Lucius is now sure of victory, but a huge dark barrier manages to do it ward off the magic rain.

Reminiscing about the difficult moments after Asta's apparent death and Sister Lily's corruption, Yuno promises revenge and reiterates that he is destined to become Magic Emperor. However, the previous scene is surprising, in which Yuno confidently approaches the antagonist and outclasses some of the best magic knights. while he watches it William Vangeance recognizes his power and makes him commander of the Golden Dawnthe best team in the service of the kingdom.

Were you expecting another promotion for Yuno? Do you think he'll hold his own against Lucius? Tell us in the comments. Before we say goodbye, we leave you the trailer of the movie Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King that comes to Netflix and we remind ourselves that Yuki Tabata paid homage to Bleach on the cover of the latest Shonen Jump issue.

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