After a long time, Naruto was finally able to put Hokage's work aside and be happily reunited with his family. However, a true ninja never stops and even during the Boruto's vacation 258 the Uzumaki have not given up healthy competition.

A lucky win allows Naruto to purchase a ticket for one Excursion to an onsen inn. Keeping his promise to his youngest daughter Himawari, he temporarily leaves Konoha's command to his trusty Shikamaru and the improvised Hokage Konohamaru, and vacations with his family.

In Boruto 258, the Uzumaki are on vacation, but as soon as they arrive at the resort, their fighting spirit is reignited. At Boruto's urging, the family members decide to play a duo friendly at table tennis. But Kawaki has never played table tennis, so Boruto is forced to teach him the rules of the game with some fun family sketches.

Comprising half-brothers Boruto and Kawaki, and newlyweds Naruto and Hinata, the teams arrive settled by Himawari. On Boruto's first beat, Naruto reacts mercilessly by scoring an initial, impregnable point.

Boruto therefore arrogantly believes that the danger of the opposing team is only his father. However, the little boy forgets that his mother was a gifted Kunoichi e Hinata immediately demonstrates her skills.

Eventually, after picking up the pace, Boruto and Kawaki's team manages to score some points, but there Ultimate victory rests with Naruto and Hinata. The game further strengthens the Uzumaki family ties: Kawaki is also part of the family.

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