Also lately Disney+ has started investing more resources in the Japanese animation front given the community of millions of fans that characterizes the sector. Moreover, according to recent rumors, the giant dedicated to on-demand streaming would turn its attention to it bleaching.

A lot of news await the return of the Bleach anime, the same Tite Kubo has promised many surprises to explore some elements just mentioned in the original manga due to health problems that at the end of the sequel forced him to speed up the ending. Anyhow, we refer you to our short special with the latest updates on the Millennial War Saga.

In the past few hours, a new rumor has been circulating on the Internet about the possibility of a landing new season of Bleach on Dinsey + in France. However, according to the source, the entertainment giant intends not only on French soil, but rather an international distribution of the sequel. Some users have expressed concern about the possibility that the service could censor production, however not all titles on Dinsey+ are subject to this type of intrusion.

So we'll just have to wait for any confirmations of the case over the next few weeks, but until then we're taking the opportunity to remind you to take these rumors with the necessary precautions.

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