A new season of the anime will debut in October 2022 bleaching, focused on the intense narrative arc of the Thousand Years War. Amidst the great expectations that rose after the release of the first trailer, some fans wondered how involved Tite Kubo was in the production, and the mangaka promptly responded.

in oneInterview organized by Viz MediaAfter the panel at Anime Expo, Kubo stated that he was heavily involved in the production and then went into detail. "Usually I'm not the type of writer who wants to get too involved in adaptations. It seems like I want to change her job. he commented and also showed enormous respect for the many professionals involved in the project.

"This time, however, I believe that my participation my contribution helped to make everything more comfortable for the fansso I always help if the opportunity arises"Kubo continued with great enthusiasm before congratulating two of the main people responsible for the implementation: "But the director (Tomohisa Taniguchi) and the writer/adapter (Masaki Hiramatsu) know the series very well. Thanks to them, my job was incredibly easy”.

Finally, we let you discover which is Sensei Kubo's favorite bleach arc.

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