The Shinigami are a group of spiritual beings who maintain order and balance between the various worlds outside of the living world. However, to tame anyone you need absolute power and for that there is the Gotei 13, one of the best known organizations of bleach. In the present, they fight the Quincy.

But long before the story begins, the Gotei 13 were a group of fighters that bordered on outlaw. In fact, thousands of years ago, shinigami weren't as organized as they were seen in Bleach. In the brief images seen during the Bleach manga, they looked like criminals. However, Tite Kubo recently confirms everything with a raw art prepared for Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War.

A few days ago we shared the first low-resolution image of the original Gotei 13 Yamamoto clearly visible in the middle. Well, in these hours, much higher resolution versions have been leaked that will allow you to observe the faces and main features of these warriors in a much better way.

That Original Gotei 13 is really scarier than the current one. In this Bleach illustration, drawn by Tite Kubo himself, which design did you find most appealing?

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