There are moments in each and every one of us that mark us and radically change our being. Let's discover the five memorable events that shaped this the most Bleach protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Kurosaki Ichigo's heroic journey was marked by some crucial events that shaped his character and personality. One of these moments, as well as the starting point of the work, was the transition from high school punk to the soul reaper armed with a sword. This transformation was thanks to Rukia Kuchiki, who accidentally gave the boy her shinigami powers. Ichigo's journey is therefore the result of a mere mistake.

Another legendary bleach event is this Rescuing Rukia. Rukia is charged with the serious crime of imparting Shinigami powers to a common man and is sentenced to death by the Soul Society. Only Ichigo's intervention allowed the Shinigami not to face their sad fate.

A monster is hidden in Ichigo's body, the terrifying one Reincarnation of Hollow White. The protagonist of Bleach has long tried to hold back this sadistic essence, but during the fight with Byakuya Kuchiki, his cave manifested. Trained by the Visored warriors, Ichigo faced and defeated his inner demon. Event that enabled him to cope with all of his future challenges.

Ichigo believed he was ready to defeat Sosuke Aizen and subconsciously threw himself into the fight against the 10 espadas. But the boy was soon outdone by the traitorous captain and alone his father's entry into the scene Isshin Kurosaki saved him from a terrible end. After Ichigo developed the final form of the Gestuga Tensho, he defeated Aizen once and for all.

The final event that marked Ichigo's life is his marriage to Orihime. This was the moment he set up End of the protagonist's adventure, now aware of having saved the world forever. What other moment in Ichigo's life impressed you the most? The Jump Festa has news about the Bleach anime. But where is the new season? An insider suggests the debut date of the new Bleach range.

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