Just like the protagonist Asta and some knights from the Clover Kingdom, Yami Sukehiro trained hard for six months to improve his techniques and be ready for the battle that marks the final episodes of Black clover.

On several occasions, Yami tried to push his own limits and during the training phase he was featured in a fight against Mereoleona Vermillion, an opportunity that the captain himself took to overcome his own limits. Just before an attack on the Black Bull team base is launched, Dante of the Dark Triad had admitted he was there for Yami. After some team members were hit hard, Dante's request appears to have been granted in the final episode.

Episode 163 of Black Clover actually featured the arrival of Yami on the battlefield, who immediately demonstrated the new techniques. As you can see from the two videos shown below, the commander of the Toro Nero immediately counteracts the gravitational magic used by Dante and lifts it thanks to the Technique developed after training, the Black Moon.

This particular ability condenses his mana zone into a tiny spherical area that practically functions as if it were a black hole that can negate the abilities resulting from Dante's magic. The enemy then tries to attack Yami directly, who counters him with a powerful one Dark Cloaked Iai Slashwho seems to be able to hit a material like the Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash and cut through space.

Recall that Asta showed its true power in chapter 281 and we leave you at the point of the situation regarding the future of the Black Clover anime.

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