Fullmetal alchemist is one of the most important manga of all time. Born in the 2000s, manga artist Hiromu Arakawa made a brilliant, exciting, and philosophical story. But as many have noticed, there are two souls - with related films - dedicated to opera. Both made by Bones had different stories.

The Bones production company started working on Fullmetal Alchemist while the original manga was still going on, so they had to create a completely original story for the first anime. From the middle the work becomes almost completely original, Do you remember the end of Fullmetal Alchemist's first anime? Let's check out the events of the latest episodes of the anime available on Netflix.

With a completely different world and principles, homunculus, their creation and main enemies have also changed. Dante's goals are different from Father's and we have one for that Situation different than known in the Manga and in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Dante wants to take the Philosopher's Stone in Alphonse so that it can move to another body, eliminating Edward's threat by sending it through the portal and thus taking him to another world, ours.

Edward is together with Hohenheim in a London bombed by the Nazis. Here he gets to know the various properties of this world, in which physics and all the sciences known to us developed instead of alchemy. Ed manages to return to Al and his older brother after a fight is fatally pierced by envy. At that point, Alphonse will use the power of his philosopher's stone to sacrifice himself and bring Edward back to life. Ed again, back to life uses human transmutation to bring Alphonse's body and mind back to life.

In this way Edward is on the other side of the portal, in our world, in 1921 in Munich. With the promise of reunion, Ed and Al resume their lives as the final events to close that circle are told in Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa.

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