The series launched in November 2016 on the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine To your eternity by Yoshitoki Oima managed to surprise many readers thanks to the delicacy of the subjects treated and the mangaka style known for A Silent Voice. However, the manga will be on long hiatus, perhaps in view of the grand finale.

The news came from user @MangaMoguraRE, a fairly authoritative source in the industry, already proven reliable in the past, who, through the post reported at the bottom of the page, confirmed the adventure of the immortal Fushi will not return to Kodansha published magazine until January 2023. A break of about three months, which begins after the regular publication of the next chapter and which, according to the information in the tweet, seems necessary for the author to prepare a new storyline.

It's not clear if it will be the final saga in the story, although many fans seem to be hinting at it in the comments on the post. And what do you think of it long break for To Your Eternity? As usual, please let us know in the comments section. Finally, remember that To Your Eternity anime is on Crunchyroll and we leave you to the new Season 2 trailer.

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