Black cloverIt is currently one of the most popular titles in the new generation of Weekly Shonen Jump, a series that has managed to bring out an important part of the popularity of the Japanese community between ups and downs. The success helped create a long-lasting anime, the future of which is still not entirely clear.

As the director announced exactly a year ago Tatsuya Yoshiharathe finale of the first season of Black Clover is expected Episode 154. Currently, the anime is about to start episode 149, which will actually separate the end of the first part within the next 5 weeks.

However, the success of the work prompted him Pierrot study once to extend the series for another 50 episodes, and it is not out of the question that the company will set up additional episodes to drive at the peak of popularity. Shueishain this context has announced that Black Clover will be one of the protagonists of Jump Festa 2021, and what better opportunity than this to confirm the production of a new narrative arc?

After some leaks coming from the programs of the Japanese television programs, The anime seems to have exceeded 154 episodes by now announced by the director, the first sign that the animated adaptation will continue in the implementation of the manga from long term Yuki Tabata. In any case, we encourage you to keep following us so as not to miss all future news on this topic.

Instead, what do you expect from Jump Festa 2021? Let us know with a comment below.

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