For the community of Black clover not the best of times. The anime adaptation will stop at episode 170, which will be broadcast back to March 2021 while the manga series has been on hiatus to allow the writer to prepare for the grand finale. Like other fans, a star in the music world misses Asta.

Megan Thee Stallion has her love for Black Clover, one of the Series that excite and inspire you the most. However, with no new anime episodes or manga chapters in sight to continue the story, the US rapper made a sad discovery.

Through her Instagram stories, the US rapper expressed his melancholy disappointment. Sharing a photo of the members of the Black Bull, he wrote: "I don't want to wait until 2023 for the new season". So Megan Thee Stallion is praying for the return of the Studio Pierrot-produced adaptation.

Unfortunately, Megan Thee Stallion will have to wait longer than she thinks. Black Clover will return in 2023, but not with the new episodes of the anime. Before that, Black Clover – Movie will start in Japanese cinemas. However, something seems to be moving. During Anime Expo 2022, one of Black Clover's animators shared a new illustration on Auction. Will there be any information about the return of the anime series soon? That's not credible at the moment. First there will be the debut of the film and then information will be released about the new episodes, which could therefore arrive towards the end of 2023 or even 2024.

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